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Journal for 17-06-2007 : Multia+5

Slow going out of Tampere.

Got photo of bike next to Nokia factory.

No pay phones in town, just stripped out boxes.

Sunny and 18C.

Found the most delicious drink. Because Finland is fully winterised, there are no outside taps. So I've been buying drinks to supplement my water rations. I usually go for the cheapest I can find with real sugar. In Germany it was and orange juice fizzy mineral water. In Finland it's this fizzy juice made from pears. The name brand soft drinks must be heavily taxed because they are very expensive.

Anyway, my new favourite drink looks like champagne, and tastes the way I imagined champagne would taste as a kid, all sweet and bubbly.

Tough riding into headwinds over nasty and endless undulations. Pretty ordinary road surfaces with quite a bit of traffic.

Rear wheel feels like it's flexing, and not tracking straight. Upon inspection found another broken spoke, somehow still hooked in place and holding some (but not enough) tension.

Got some fantastic help at Keuruu. I wanted to find out if there was a bike shop in town. But the person i asked arranged for a guy to come to me and sell me some more spare spokes!

Lovely evening riding session.

Wild camped. Lots of mozzies till i got my (illegal) fire going.

2hrs replacing failed spoke, trueing the wheel and discovering all my remaining spare spokes are too long, including the ones I got today :-(.

Got busted by nearby homeowners because of fire (left it going too long). Pretty cool about it though.

Safely in my tent I used my cable cutters to trim back my toe and finger nails.

Note to self: Must send bike shop guy a gift from Australia.

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