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Journal for 18-06-2007 : Keitele-8

Hard to know when to get up. I used to get up when I first woke up and it was light. Now I have to check the time because it's always light. Pretty cool this morning.

More undulating headwind riding till the Äänekoski turnoff. Not originally on my route, but the only town big enough to have a bike shop within coo-ee. I still need more spare spokes.

Horrible expressway riding on a narrow shoulder to Äänekoski, where I searched for spokes, and bought 6 months worth of food.

Fast(er) riding on the busy hwy 69.

Turnoff to Vesanto is marked as scenic highlight. It looked the same as the rest of Finland : Mostly trees, with the occasional lake glittering in the sun.

Finally found a water tap at Ventso.

Threatened to rain all afternoon, only got started once, just long enough for me to get my raincoat out.

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