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Journal for 20-06-2007 : Puolanka

Didn't sleep too well. It wasn't the smell (though it should have been, even the mosquitoes are revolted by my odour after 4 days of cycling without washing or even removing my clothes), but the new bulges
in my legs get cramps in them when I lie on my side.

Did my morning poo, my skid marks a disturbing mix of poo, blood and squashed mozzies.

More headwinds but flat and relatively fast riding beside lake Oulujšvrvi, which occasionally became visible from behind the trees.

Major pig out at the Vaala supermarket. Found a strawberry version of my new favourite drink.

Here I join a road designated the 800, so I think its a tourist route. I didn't see many tourists, in fact I didn't see much of anyone at all, just lots of hills.

Lunch in a small picnic area by a lovely lake just short of Puokio. Lovely in the sun (50/50 sunny/cloudy today), but freezing in the wind blowing down from the arctic. Considered a swim and was in the lake. I washed my hands only. They have almost thawed out.

Got sick of the endless wind, the endless trees, the endless hills, my homesickness, but mostly my endless stench, so decided to stop early at a proper campground with a proper shower at Puolanka.

After showering for an hour (I had to do my underarms 4 times) I felt almost clean again. Decided to relax in the campground kitchen/day room, complete with kid's games and a TV set.

Finish television: Finish free to air TV is quite interesting. Most of the programs are English language with Finish subtitles, for the most part terrible cheap English or American soaps. The only Finish language shows were the news, weather (rain and headwinds for me) and a cooking segment that showed Fins how to chop up salad.

Discovered my new favourite drink is actually a cider, and is slightly alcoholic! (and thus escaping the soft drink tax) But in Finland, alcoholic drinks are sold right along side the soft drinks and juices and are often surrounded by advertising products targeting kids.

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