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Journal for 21-06-2007 : Kuloharjn+5

Really pleased with the way I rode today.

Cold northerly wind blowing (again), stronger than on any day so far. Lots of up and overs, and intermittent rain showers. Temp maxed out at 12C. Very tough riding conditions.

But I rode (almost) without stopping right through to Taivalkoski, for 5 and a half hours in (to say the least) challenging conditions.

Found an open tourist info office, with an attendant who spoke really good English. He seemed overjoyed to have someone come in and ask for information.

Café lunch, (more of a truck stop really), where I chose from the hot buffet. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, ham steaks, meatballs, and shredded meat were on offer, as well as some black (I'm told it's extremely healthy) Finish bread.

More hard riding after lunch. Lots of traffic heading north for the weekend. People in Helsinki can't cope with the blistering 15C so head for their patch of forest.

Disturbed a small group (not enough to make a herd) of reindeer grazing in the forest by the road.

Most houses have dogs. I suspect most Fins have dogs. They all seem to want a piece of me. It's common to see Fins out walking their dogs along the roads and/or bike paths, and *always* on a lead. Houses sometimes have dogs tethered on leashes in their yards, but the most common sight are husky like dogs detained in Guantanamo Bay type cages. And those guys *really* want a piece of me.

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