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Journal for 3-07-2007 : Alta

Slept super solidly for 8hrs straight.

Washed pretty much everything, got it all out on the clothes line and BANG, thunder and lightning.

Decided to get a cheap (relative everything in Norway that is) cabin, and got almost everything packed and inside before the rain hit.

After the rain (Alta seems to have generally fine sunny weather, but gets hit by daily thunderstorms) I cycled up to the city centre to use the free internet at the library, and buy some bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap proved particularly difficult to find as the local post office didn't have any, suggested a post office was a silly place to ask, and when I got them to write down the Norsk term for it, that no-one else understood. I eventually found some: at another post office.

Tried for the public library. It closes at 2pm over summer.

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