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Journal for 4-07-2007 : Alta

Spent the morning re-organising my bike.

Caught the bus into town for the public library internet to book a hotel in Copenhagen.

Did a bit of shopping. Got gyped again. Shelf packers in Norway (and everywhere I guess) have an annoying habit of putting expensive things in the slots with the price labels of cheaper things. Careful checking of the bar code numbers is almost always required. But today I managed to buy a single plain bread roll which I *thought* was marked at $0.60 for $2.50. And I don't realise until I check my receipt wondering where my change had one. I have about $50 of Norwegian money left, which I hope will be enough for the 2km cab ride to the airport.

I haven't written much about Norwegian architecture. I didn't write much about Finish architecture either, primarily because I couldn't see any of for all the trees. But in northern Norway most of the buildings are made of wood, are functional but fairly plain in design and have a certain homogony about them. The explanation is simple. In 1944 when the German's abandoned their Scandinavian conquests, they burned everything they left behind to the ground. In 1945 through to 1950 most of the destroyed structures were rebuilt in their original positions, but in a basic contemporary (for the time) style. And in a lot of the smaller towns where not much has happened since, that's all that remains.

... A bit later ...

Got gyped again. Checked the campground phone, oh shit! Does not take coins. Had to buy a phone card for NOK40 ($8) to call my taxi tomorrow morning.

Everything is packed. I'm more excited now than at the start of the trip! I'm *almost* on my way home!

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