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Journal for 5-07-2007 : Copenhagen

I woke nice and early, got everything packed and got my taxi with Kronas to spare. Even enough for the bike handling (/tossing) fee.

Checked in OK. Made a good start captioning my photos, till the camera battery complained of being flat. While waiting to board Frank, who I met in Kemijarvi, strolls in. We chatted for an hour or two, and showed off our photos. He'd ridden further south than me, and had some loverly weather, at least at midnight. Unlike me, he has a wonderful collection of photos, though I think I should put it mostly down to Frank having a better eye than me.

Sat next to some kids on the flight to Oslo. Uneventful flight, but baggage slow to arrive. Had to re-check bike (box now disintegrating after being left out in the Oslo rain). Luggage handling took 2&1/2 hrs if this 3hrs layover.

Flight to CPH delayed by incredibly slow boarding.

Got bag and bike quickly at CPH.
I then made a fantastic decision: I left my bike and bag with a left luggage service.
I then made a terrible decision: I decided to leave my raincoat in the checked baggage.

Rained cats and dogs walking the two blocks from the train station to the hotel. I got very very wet.

Left my CC in reception. Forgotten how to use the thing.

Wandered about the streets of downtown Copenhagen getting wet looking for food. Nothing but B&B hotels, fruit & basic grocery stores in basements run by Afghanis.

Finally found a pizzeria for dinner and to write up this journal.

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