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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 24-Feb-2002 : Te Anau
Date: 24/02/2002 (Location=Te Anau, Dist=63km, Total=1037km)
Wind howelled all night. Bed creaked all night.

Short ride to Mossburn for breakfast at the diner and war with the local pay phone. In 4km overtaken by 16 tour busses heading for Milford Sound.

Very hard riding for the next two hours, into a very stiff breeze with little or no cover. At 12kph we were reckoning on 5 hours riding time.

After crossing a low pass we speaded up. Partly because the wind wasn't quite as strong, or the scenery was better, but because we could see all the rain adorning the mountains ahead.

Arrived in Te Anau. Just over 1000km cycling from Christchurch. Now we start walking !!

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