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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 25-Feb-2002 : Te Anau (Milford Sound)
Date: 25/02/2002 (Location=Te Anau (Milford Sou, Dist=0km, Total=1037km)
Today we took the bus to Milford Sound. The road out there would be a ripper to cycle, except perhaps for the Homer Tunnel, which is 1.2k long, 1.5 lanes wide and bloddy dark (bends at each end). Also a 1 in 8 gradient would make cycling this road a chanllenge going down, and neigh on impossible going up. The bus passed one brave soul attempting it on his bike.

Milford Sound is apparently best viewed during heavy rain (lots of waterfalls) or bright sunshine. We had neither, but our cruise boat did offere us something a touch special- dolphins. As soon as they made their presence known, and idea of aschedule was thrown out the window as we about faced and allowed the dolphins to surf our bow waves deep into the sound.

Our tour included a short walk on the Routeburn track, and the climb up Key Summit. As usual the scenery was fabulous.

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