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Journal for 22-Feb-2004 : Jacobs River

It was cold, we had a modest headwind and swept through drizzly rain leaving Haast. However compared with some of our previous days riding it seemed like a really nice day.

Interesting views from Knights point. The ocean water has a lot of the fine volcanic silt being steadily washed into if from a rapidly eroding New Zealand. All the low pressure storm cells that have been lashing New Zealand over the past week have stirred up some huge swells.

Enjoyed a pie at Lake Paringa Café, and tried to wait for the drizzle to stop. It didn't.

Sections of the road have been washed away, and recently replaced with some coarse gravel. Rather slow for us.

It might not sound like it but I actually enjoyed the riding here. The road is lined with lush tropical *looking * (certainly not feeling) forests. In the wet they are dripping with water, and the ponds (drains) beside the road are full to glistening. The walls of the cuttings are not bare earth, they are elaborately decorated with dense ferns and mosses.

Met another Aussie cyclists who had the misfortune to descend Haast Pass yesterday. He was literally blown off his bike three times! Bruce Bay surf somewhat impressive. Lots of dead trees washed up.

Sun came out and just a hint of blue sky as we reached Jacobs River. Strangely, a good day not to have booked ahead.

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