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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 1-Apr-2004 : Auckland

April Fool!

Still in Auckland. We called the bike shop to learn they hadn't finished fixing our bikes. Not to worry, we'll get the bus into town and pick up our mail first. Six hours later (four on the bus and two waiting for it) we'd learned why New Zealanders think Auckland traffic is terrible.

By the time we'd returned to the bike shop it was quarter to five and they'd nicked off early for the day. Without our bikes to ride “home” on, there was only one thing for it. Back on to one of those bloody buses. Without my bike I feel like a real April Fool.

And our courier package with our mail delivery has been held up in New Zealand customs, and we still have no internet access (I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!)

Does this sound like I've had (another) bad day? Well, let me tell you I've been very polite here!

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