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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 2-Apr-2004 : Auckland

Only took us an hour and a half on Auckland public transport to get back to the bike shop. It then took us less than twenty minutes to ride back to our room.

We actually managed to get a few things organised today, in part thanks to us having a viable means of transport again. Organised a self storage unit for a lot of our gear while we take a break from cycling for a few days. Also, we learned that our main from Australia has cleared NZ customs, but can't be delivered until Monday. FedEx offered a 2 day door to door courier service. As it turns out, it'll be a six day service, but it's only that quick because had someone to deliver our package to the airport in Australia *and* we have to collect the package ourselves from the airport in New Zealand. Door to door would have taken (at least) 9 days. Never the less, the package is (touch wood) ready to collect.

And some weather tid bits. I noticed that we havn't been rained on for almost a month. It turns out that New Zealand is complaining of another drought, less than two months after the last one was washed away. This February was New Zealand's wettest on record, but this March was New Zealand's dryest!

I should also mention that the suburb we are staying in (out near the airport) has a very polonesian population. Across the road is the “Cook Island Community Centre”, which is a place where locals play bongo drums (very rythmically I must say) and practice dancing in grass skirts.

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