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Journal for 10-Jul-2001 : St George
Date: 10/07/2001 (Location=St George, Dist=0km, Total=1140km)
Rest Day. I'm going back to bed. No I'm not, as motel maid insistes we'd already left beause we don't have our car parked out the front.

Collected our photos, not too bad but I still need to practice a bit more. Lots of fun and games at the Post Office, News Agent, Post Office and local bank to sort out my BAS.

Everyone in town seems to have three dogs. The motel dog had no trouble determining we were eating lunch.

I used up all the Motel's hot water shaving off my rather bushy whiskers. Didn't take me more than an hour and a half. Linda unimpressed by cold shower.

I - spennnd - toymmme - on - mu -Quweennsland - accent, Eh?

David F

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