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Journal for 11-Jul-2001 : St George+131
Date: 11/07/2001 (Location=St George+131, Dist=131km, Total=1271km)
Not quite an early start as Linda not so keen on the proposed 800km in 6 days.

More huge cotton paddocks with road trains hauling house size pipes onto the fields.

14km of dirt road that alternated between wonderful (light hard packed sand) and terrible (the sand was too deep to steer).

One stretch of road was dead straight for 45km.

This is a stock route, and there are frequent signs pointing to watering points (for the cows) and guestimates of distances to the next hole.

Virtually no traffic on this very quiet back route. Lots of roads off to some very small places not always on our map. Wind all over the place today too. Sometimes headwind, sometimes tail, sometimes from the left, sometimes from the right, and occasionally no wind at all.

6km of road works riding on a tesselated (look it up - then look it up again after adjustuing for my fon-et-tick spelling - it *is* a word) pavement.

Camped a few hundred metres up a stock track, dodging the cow pats as we walked. Decide to defer toilet hole & duties till tomorrow because it's too cold.

David F

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