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Journal for 12-Jul-2001 : Mungallala Pub
Date: 12/07/2001 (Location=Mungallala Pub, Dist=124km, Total=1395km)
Awoke early AM to hear that Stuart OGrady is in yellow (for my relatives that means hes coming first) in the Tour de France, and locals should be warned that they should look out for "a convey of Queensland Senators" touring the area (bearing the sign "wide load" - yuk yuk yuk).

Cold morning, slow to break camp especially after toilet facilites constructed and then used - OK, used then constructed.

Hard first session of riding covered 50km, with headwind most of the way. Lots of single track bitumin and nice scenery. Lots of kanagroos and emus and a few really dopey cows.

Dunkeld is the smallest town I've ever seen. It consisted of a school and a golf course, and no houses!.

Just before Mitchell crossed bottle tree hill. Passed by a series of military vehicles. A convoy of Queensland Senators?

One decent downhill and we reached the highway at Mitchell. Water in Mitchell is *very* sulfurous, like a glass of farts. We purchased some spring water. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, at least 25C and Linda and I are (legally) peeling off clothes to reveal bits of skin that hadn't seen the sun since last summer. All the locals are wandering around rugged up with jumpers and coats.

Passed by a series of 40 year old busses. A convoy of Queensland Senators?

Made it just before sundown.

Passed by a series of three road trains haulling cattle. A convoy of Queensland Senators? Smelt like it anyway.

People at the Mungallala Pub very nice (and it's a nice Pub too), as can be determined by the friendliess of their pets.

David F

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