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Journal for 2-Aug-2001 : Harriott Creek
Date: 02/08/2001 (Location=Harriott Creek, Dist=117km, Total=4048km)
Not to sharp undulations leaving Katherine. Road relatively busy, and very little respect shown to us on the roads today.

Met a group of 11 dutch cyclists all riding recumbants (very quickly), complete with support vehicle and film crew. (The organiser of the party is trying sell recumbants in Holland).

A few Ks down the road we Christine & Mick, a couple who've cycled from England pretty much all the way. We chatted to them for about an hour, and hope to meet up with them when they reach Sydney. Keep on Peddling Guys !!!

Heaps (at least 50) MGs on the road, heading south for a convention of some sort.

Made it to Pine Creek rather later than expected while fulfilling our social obligations (plus hills headwinds traffic, laziness etc). Quite a relief to get of the Stuart Highway here. Sat in the park for hour eating lunch, then later ice creams. Roadhouse guy tried to get us to buy his bottled water in the usual way (claiming that bore water upsets peoples stomachs), but the town water at Pine Creek is pretty good.

Saw the Pine Creek fire engine roar out of town in the direction of our prospective camp site.

Pine Creek has a new golf course. Well new in the sense that it used to be the horse race track. This golf course has green greens, but the fairways are distinguishable from the rough by the fact the grass is below waist height, and your are less likely to land your ball in a sand trap than have it bounce horribly off a four metre high termite nest. However, it does allow the Pine Creek locals to operate a club with a sporting club liqure licence where they can socialise now that the town pub has been tu
rned over to the tourists.

Atmosphere pretty much filled with hazy smoke from various scrub fires. Hard to see really long distanvces, and the sun is very orange at dawn and dusk.

Fun riding down the hill on the Kakadu Hwy. Almost no traffic, just the odd hire car screatching out of Kakadu after their unhappy looking occupants have tried to see everything in a single day.

Huge ant nest under Harriett Ck rest area.

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