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Journal for 3-Aug-2001 : Cooinda
Date: 03/08/2001 (Location=Cooinda, Dist=140km, Total=4189km)
Slept in.

Army Gun Buggys scream past as we pack up camp.

Various problems with toilet (or lack there of) this morning.

Fun riding approaching Kakadu. Hills, curves and descents with great scenery.

All the gun buggies having breakfast at the new Mary River Roadhouse (Under New Management !!!). Reminds me of the TV show from my youth: Banana Splits. If youre under 30 dont try to undertand this.

Climb into Kakadu not as tough as I remember, but at least I managed to raise a sweat (for the first time in NT !!! - Year right).

Great fun riding down to the Sth Alligator River, headwind not withstanding. Slow descending with brilliant scenery, lots of Pandanus and fields of green. Also huge suburbs of enourmous termite mounds.

Very hot. We drink almost all our water by lunch.

Kakadu is not as green as our last visit - mostly because its all been burnt.

Serious grass fires burning next to the road. Huge plumes of dark smoke blacken the sky near Jim Jim road. No oncomming cars as people chicken out. Motorists thinking twice use our presence as proof it is safe to drive on.

Very tired at Cooinda (at least I am). Expensive camping, and mini-mart etc.

Met German couple who have been riding in the Middle East (Turkey, Siria, Jordan etc). Riding with toddler in a very heavy trailer. Hopefully well meet up when they reach Sydney (where I can learn there names :-)).

Mozzies in the camp ground, so eat desert in the tent listening to the cricket.

David F

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