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Journal for 4-Aug-2001 : Jabiru
Date: 04/08/2001 (Location=Jabiru, Dist=85km, Total=4274km)
Went on the sunrize Yellow Waters cruise. The thickest pea soup mist covered everything, combining effectively with yesterdays smoke to make a very dense blanket which made spotting wild life a rather hit and miss affair - litterely. Even before the fog lifted there were hundreds of birds, plants and crocs to look at in the wonderful dawn light. Every bird sighting on or near the waters edge was pretty closely followed by the sighting of the croc - stalking the bird. Half an hour after dawn sitting sile
ntly (well as silent as a 50 person tour every gets) while drifting through a paperbark swamp was absolutely magical. I wish we hadnt run out of film here.

Walked out on the boardwalks near yellow waters to watch the huge array of birst wading, the fish try to eat each other, and occasionally glimps the croc gradually patrol *his* billabong. Pretty good.

More serious scrub fires today. Definitely one to be concerned about as it was upwind of us, and really flared as we rode past (not slowly :-)). The heat from this seemingly small scrub fire was quite intense.

As this was our rest day, we didnt start riding till 11:00am. And as it was our rest day we didnt have any headwinds. I wish. Hard, flat ridding (but great scenery) to Nourlangie Rock.

Lunch by Anbangbang billabong. Very tired as it was 20km further than I thought. Besides, its a restday and I shouldnt have to work too hard :-).

Sat by the water (or in my case lay) in the shade watching a Jabiru persistantly snap at the shallow water fish, rather unsucessfully. We saw this billabongs croc too. That made me sit up.

Nourlangie rock still pretty interesting.

Nearly ran out of water cycling the remaining 40km to Jabiru.

Award winning dummy spit after I bend all our pegs trying to jackhammer them through the concrete (and very expensive) camp ground at Jabiru. Fortunately thay have added a few more shower blocks, so unlike last time there were no queues. Dinner in bistro by the pool in longs and jumpers (its 28 Deg C) to protect from mozzies.

Ive just re-read this entry. Im making this sound like torture !!!! It isnt really this bad !!!! *Honestly* !!

David F

P.S. The music in the bistro is Greatest Hits of 1980. The best of the Village People is *realy* torture. Abba would have been so much better :-).

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