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Journal for 5-Aug-2001 : Corroberree RH
Date: 05/08/2001 (Location=Corroberree RH, Dist=166km, Total=4440km)
Early start out of Jabiru thwarted by the fact I forgot to fill with water bottles. Doh !!

Nice morning session riding through kakadu past the pandanus lined forrests, and across the Sth Allegator river flood plain, where motorists are asked to beware of 5km of stray crocodiles on the road.

We scared several lone Jabirus into the air as they forraged in the little streams by the roads. Very graceful flyers (even when panicing), and spectacular black and white markings.

More good riding to the Kakadu entrace station, crossing lots of beautiful little streams and waterholes fringed with palms and pandanus. These water courses had names like Flying Fox creek, East Branch of the West Allegator River, West Branch of the West Allegaor River and the West Allegator River Creek. West Branch of West Allegator River is east of the West Allegator River. It seemed like we were riding backlwards at times.

Hard going before lunch after we left the park, cycling by the army training area. Exhausted at Lunch, but constantly mollested by march flies as we tried to eat. It was a short stop.

Stopped at Bark Hut this time. It really looked like an oasis, complete with palm trees, green lawn and a loverly swimming pool. Sixteen iceblocks later we were back on the road.

Rather spectacular little grass fire erupted just near our camp site.

Last time we came this way we rode this last bit on the Arnham Hwy late in the afternoon. We had to contend with oncomming traffic of territorians working in Darwin returning home, and those who hadnt bothered with work returing from fishing (pissed as newts based on the way they drove). So were going to (try to) knock off the last 50ks or so early tomorrow morning.

All in all a very nice day. Less than 150km left of our trip. But do I sound brighter and cheerier than usual? I've had a swim before doing the journal :-).

David F

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