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Journal for 16-Sep-2003 : De Grey River

Left Pardoo Roadhouse at 5:30am with the bike lights on. Cows by the road !!

Great fun (unlike yesertday) riding without wind over barren country for the first two hours.

Large flocks of geese could be seen flying to their water hole after a nights foraging in the desert. A sign we must be approaching permanent ground water soon.

Crossed the (dry) Pardoo river over something of a novelty: a bridge. For most of the major water courses up here (and certainly all since the Fitzroy River 500km back) the road engineers make do with a small yellow sign. At last we are nearing the end of the Great Sandy Desert.

Impressive Pilbara (which means tablet sized eating fish) Scenery appeared: impressive spinifex covered hills sticking out of the plains.

The wind started up after our first break as feared, but today we had a cunning plan. We pulled into the lovely, if popular, camp sites by the De Grey River with the theory that we'll only move on if a tailwind springs up.

No trouble with the shade cloth today, as the cows joined us for lunch by the river. (Gee those things can fart!) The peace and serenity only broken by the man with a chainsaw.

Met up with Lorraine and Pam again. Linda shared coffee with them while I played fetch with Cas.

We lazed about under the trees for most of the morning and all of the afternoon. Trees look like such wondrous things if you haven't seen any for a few days! That tailwind may have sprung up, but I wasn't making any effort to notice it - and wouldn't have told anyone if I had.

Clown in caravan bashes down half a tree because he doesn't appreciate how tall his van is. He took some persuasion that the problem was on top of his van, not underneath. Then he tried to bash a few other trees out of the way to get his car in position to attempt to remove the mess from his van's roof. All quite entertaining, as the trees dished out more punishment than they took.

The only sour note for today was the newly installed (much needed) toilet closest to the road has been vandalised to the point it couldn't be used.

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