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Journal for 17-Sep-2003 : Port Hedland

Another early start, nearly 15ks before the sun came up. Lots of wonderful reflections and light on the nearby hills and kangaroos darting across the road in front of us.

Very exposed roads again today, so I'm glad we didn't try to spend six hours pushing headwinds yesterday. This morning the wind came up even earlier, but it was a light easterly that had us flying, so for once I didn't mind.

Horses wandering all over the road approaching town.

Central Port Hedland isn't much of a town to look at. The town is located on a sand spit on the coast, which is very scenic, and if it weren't for the crocodiles, marine stingers and super ore ships would make a nice spot to swim. The spit is wedged between the ocean and salt flats and is just a touch too small to hold enough residential buildings (as well as being hopelessly cyclone prone) so South Hedlead is taking over as the residential and retail centre for this community. The only reason I can see the old centre of Port Hedland survives as a commercial precinct is some idiot in Melbourne decided to close the bank branches in South Hedland. This is of no small annoyance to the locals as this is where most people (and businesses for that matter) reside, and now need to do a 30km round trip to the least accessible part of town to do their banking.

Chatted to an Italian couple by the bhpbilliton town park while we ingested really nice meat pies. A strange choice at 29C I agree but delicious none the less.

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