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Journal for 21-Oct-2003 : Kalgoorlie+140

Said our goodbye's to Linda's parents who are off to Perth, and will run into us again on their way home somewhere on the Nullarbor. I certainly hope they don't miss us as they have a fair portion of our food!

Got to see the superpit at last. This is a massive hole in the ground that is owned by Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mining. Consolidation of operations is quite literal in this case, with all Kalgoorlie ore bodies now being extracted out of one massive hole in the ground several Ks across and several hundred metres deep. The pit was being worked in at least 5 different spots simultaneously, with a succession of haul packs (massive tip trucks) dwarfing the team of graders keeping the haul roads smooth 7x24. Truly a spectacular operation.

40Ks south of Kalgoorlie we saw a figure waving ski poles about walking by the road side. His name was David of who is raising money for the Asthma Foundation (an extraordinarily worthy cause in my opinion), by walking (that's right, walking) from Sydney to Perth. David was really enthusiastic as he approached the last few weeks of his trek, a bit more so than his booty wearing canine companion

Undulating riding to Kambalda.

West Kambalda is planned residential zone for the nearby mines, and as such it was not exactly obvious which way the centre of town is, or what may or may not be there. A major supermarket, yes. A public toilet, no. OK, we found it after asking someone.

More undulating headwind (light) riding through nicely wooded bushland. At one point we were overtaken by an ambulance (siren blaring), fire truck and as hazardous chemical reaction team. An hour or two later they sped back towards Kal, closely followed by an RAC tow truck carrying a thoroughly trashed mine vehicle.

Camped by the road amid the sandlewood trees. Linda really being bugged by all the bugs.

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