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Journal for 23-Oct-2003 : Fraser Range Station

We switched over to South Australian Standard time (currently onaly applicable in the Northern Territory thanks to daylight saving), so we left Norseman reasonably early. Overcast skies to start with.

Dazed and injured kangaroo stupidly sitting in the middle of the road near the Adelaide 1800km sign. It clearly hurt the poor thing too much to hop away.

Lots of gentle hills, and the much-anticipated easterly made the riding a bit more of a challenge today. And this is just the easy bit!

We kept leap frogging the road patrol crew, who drove very slowly (but faster than us) looking for holes in the road, and occasionally filling them with tar and gravel.

Lots of trees and very pleasant bush to look at, even though this is complete wilderness.

Enjoyed a bottle of frozen apple and black current juice at our first break.

Lunched at a rest area where we sent the march flies (these guys love to bite) into a frenzy.

A lone traveller named Gilles (pronounced Giles, with a very heavy French accent) pulled over and chatted to us for a while. He very generously parted with one of his bananas, which we faster than usually thought possible. Thank's Gilles, much appreciated!

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