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Journal for 3-Dec-2003 : Nowa Nowa

What an exhilarating day's cycling! This day had just about everything.

We got a reasonably early start and enjoyed riding through still air on flat back roads from Sale towards Bairnsdale. Quite a lot of fun really.

Took a break at Bengworden. Attacked by lots of mozzies. They are really big here. So big you can see them coming, which was not good for them).

The traffic has been extraordinarily well behaved today. Unlike the birds, one of them taking a piece of my helmet.

Saw some dark clouds on the horizon as we ate lunch on the Princes Highway median strip park in Bairnsdale.

Omeo Highway to Bruthen has a few monster little hills, and heaps of traffic, that was not particularly well behaved. Passes through the invitingly named town Sarsville.

The bakery at Bruthen had some excellent cakes. None left after our visit.

We could see and hear the approaching storm, so we decided to wait for it to pass over. Twenty minutes later the storm was hardly any closer, so we pushed on. The excellent road (big wide smooth sealed shoulders) to the Buchan turnoff starts with an 8km climb, and by the time we'd reached the top, the mother of all thunderstorms was sitting just over our left shoulders. Lightning to thunder latency less than nine seconds (just 3km from being electrocuted).

We put just a touch more effort into the next 20km, pedaling down the hills as well as up, and travelling at some serious speed at times. The last downhill into Nowa Nowa (only 7km long) was a ripper, and we made it to the Hotel/Motel with a whole 5 minutes before the tempest started unleashing it's worst.

Hotel/Motel at Nowa Nowa impressively cycle friendly. Our bikes carried into our room for us.

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