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Journal for 5-Aug-2003 : Karumba

Great to have another day off the bikes. We went on the "Ferryman" tours morning boat trip up the river. We got to see lots of the local bird life along the banks of the Norman River. We also got a lot of stories, some true, some probably not. Our tour guide had been living and working in Karumba since 1974 and had lots of interesting stories, some possibly true, about the town. Most concerned the overfishing of the estuary, and the way the mobile phone and GPS has allowed amateur fishers to pick the place clean. Anyway, while I generally disapprove of such behaviour, the local Osprey (over 30 years old) gets a few fish to help support his family nesting atop the mast of a derelict old rust bucket washed ashore in the 1976 cyclone.

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