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Journal for 6-Aug-2003 : Normanton

Rode the barren salt flats to the rest area on Delta Downs station. Not much wind at all today, so pretty easy going, except that the road surface is awful. It seems they prepared the road base, then while they waited for the bitumen truck to turn up it got covered in corrugations, which were duly sealed into the road. The huge number of patches were even worse, and the floodways like riding over pebblecrete. We spent a lot of the day riding down the centre lane away from the repairs.

At the rest area we met one of the indigenous owners of the station. Delta Downs stretches for 180km west of Kurumba, and hosts more than half a million head of cattle. He and a bunch of trainee rangers were there to fence off the rest area so they could charge all the pensioners who overnight there camping fees. A business venture unlikely to be as profitable as the cattle station.

Lunch procured at the Normanton Bakery/Café/School tuck shop. There were a hundred or so kites circling around over the school and the bakery, just waiting for the kids to drop scraps of their lunch. All those whistling kites made a lot of noise. Well they probably did, but it was impossible to tell. A third as many kids made four times as much noise.

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