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Journal for 7-Aug-2003 : Bang Bang Jump Up

Silty flood planes (the soil and termite mounds are a light grey) covered in dead grass dominated the first few hours. This road avoids most of the watercourses, the exception being the very pleasant early crossing of the Flinder's river. Frustratingly, we can see the tree lines of the nearby rivers that the road never visits. The rest areas are in dismal places too. No natural shade, just lots of caravans, human poo (because there is nowhere else to stop) and angry wasps. This road is also entirely (well, almost) single lane bitumen.

There was an unexpected bonus in a light tailwind, with the cost being it's been pretty hot in the middle of the day, well into the mid 30's. That's in the shade, of which there is none. We ate lunch in the only natural shade for 30km in either direction, and stayed there for 3 hours.

Very gentle climbing all day, but a real hill (relatively speaking) at the Bang Bang Jump Up, where the scenery finally changes, with our first spinifex grass sightings.

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