Bike Odyssey
North America 2004

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P4150170s P4150170s
LA beaches
P4190191s P4190191s
Red Rock Canyon
P4270248rs P4270248rs
Yosemite valley
P4280022rs P4280022rs
North Dome reflections
P4290095s P4290095s
Yosemite Falls
P4300158s P4300158s
Daring squirrel trying to climb David's leg
P5040022s P5040022s
Sierra Nevada mountains
P5100095s P5100095s
Lake Almanor & Lassen volcanos
P5100100s P5100100s
Overnight snow
P5100102s P5100102s
The morning after
P5110107s P5110107s
Snow in Lassen National Forest
P5130007s P5130007s
Heading for Mount Shasta
P5180059xs P5180059xs
Another curious squirrel
P5220120s P5220120s
Columbia River bike path lookout
P5240139s P5240139s
Portland floating suburb
P6040083 P6040083
Lookout on Sea to Sky Highway
P6050129 P6050129
Admiring the mountains from Duffey Lake Rd
P6080055 P6080055
Rest day at Lake Kamloops
P6110089xs P6110089xs
Bear close up (full zoom - we were not that close!)
P6130180r P6130180r
Fun with reflections after rain on Takakkaw Falls road
P6130193 P6130193
Takakkaw Falls
P6140206 P6140206
Lake Louise campsite
P6140214 P6140214
Rugged up for dinner after snow at Lake Louise (Watching for bears along the Bow River)
P6160005s P6160005s
Good weather at last - Rockies at Canmore
P6160006s P6160006s
More Rockies at Canmore
P6190017s P6190017s
Town water tower
P6210025s P6210025s
Prairies on Saskatewan/Alberta border
P6230031xs P6230031xs
Local wildlife - prairie dog
P7120070r P7120070r
Northern Ontario
P8010112rsi P8010112rsi
Quebec Roadsign
P8170035 P8170035
Time Square
P8170044 P8170044
The Massive Statue of Liberty