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Around Australia 2003

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P6110002 P6110002
Stockton ferry terminal
P6130012 P6130012
Full moon at Laurieton
P6130013 P6130013
Dead beat David
P6140015 P6140015
Local wildlife at Laurieton
P6140021 P6140021
Laurieton bridge
P6140022 P6140022
North Brother
P6180002 P6180002
Morning stretching
P6200007 P6200007
Snack break at Glenreagh
P6210011 P6210011
Chroniclers job
P6230001 P6230001
Somewhere near Nimbin
P6240001a P6240001a
Surfers Paridise
P6280011 P6280011
Loading the shopping - Caboolture
P6290000-14 P6290000-14
Glasshouse mountains
P6290001a P6290001a
Steve Irwins Australia Zoo
P7010009a P7010009a
Wildlife at Noosa
P7010017 P7010017
Park on Noosa River
P7010019a P7010019a
Boat at Noosa
P7050019 P7050019
Bridge at Bundaberg
P7070004 P7070004
Mt Larcom campsite
P7140001 P7140001
Ready to leave Mackay
P7150003 P7150003
Wide load north of Mackay
P7150004 P7150004
Wider load north of Mackay
P7150008 P7150008
More bloody thorns
P7170005 P7170005
Shark at marine park, Townsville
P7190006 P7190006
Local wildlife, North Queensland
P7270011 P7270011
Spot the turtle, Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands
P7280005 P7280005
Local wildlife, The Crater, Atherton Tablelands
P7300034 P7300034
Heading west at last
P7300036 P7300036
What a warning!
P7310001 P7310001
One-lane road
P8020017 P8020017
Going for a break near the Gulflander train line
P8050013 P8050013
Wrecked boat complete with osprey nest, Karumba
P8070003 P8070003
Camping out on the way to Mount Isa
P8080008 P8080008
Heading for Mount Isa
P8100013 P8100013
Bikes on a break
P8160004 P8160004
Mount Isa exhaust at dawn
P8180013 P8180013
Heading west again
P8190014 P8190014
Galahs at rest
P8280032 P8280032
Camping with Neil near Victoria River
P8290013 P8290013
Victoria River scenery
P9010017 P9010017
Kunanurra lake from the campground
P9020018 P9020018
Waterhole at March Fly Creek
P9070013 P9070013
Fitzroy River, Fitzroy Crossing
P9080020 P9080020
Misty dawn on route to Broome
P9120005 P9120005
High tide at Roebuck Bay, Broome
P9170009 P9170009
Cloud formations in the Pilbara
P9180004 P9180004
Mining operations, Port Headland
P9190002 P9190002
Wildflowers - Sturts desert pea, Pilbara
P9200011 P9200011
Scenery near Newman
P9230017 P9230017
Waterhole in Karajini National Park
P9230055 P9230055
Scenery in Karajini National Park
P9290012 P9290012
Wildflowers near Dalwallinu
P9290020 P9290020
Campsite near Dalwallinu, before the rain
PA030018 PA030018
Wildflowers - kangaroo paws, near Gingin
PA090001 PA090001
Aus versus Zimbabwe, Perth
PA210010 PA210010
Gold mine site, Kalgoorlie
PA260011 PA260011
Nullarbor campsite
PA280023 PA280023
Nullarbor cliffs
PA290001 PA290001
The real null-arbor
PB090024 PB090024
The reisling trail bike path, Clare Valley
PB110003 PB110003
Murray river scene
PB110005 PB110005
Crossing the Murray
PB140014 PB140014
Sunset at Kingston
PB170007 PB170007
Waterfall in the Grampians
PB240011 PB240011
Shipwreck coast scenery
PB240020 PB240020
Twelve Apostles
PB260011 PB260011
Great Ocean Road
PC040014a PC040014a
Lical wildlife - Kookaburra
PC090008 PC090008
Home at Tura Beach