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Journal for 12-Aug : Sydney

Beautiful clear calm morning, nice and frosty. Teary goodbye as I left home. I held mine back till I was on the road.

Riding felt easier than my training rides. So far, so good.

Apple pie & chips @ service centre's golden arches. Server had to go out back to find the apple pie. It had something written on it: 12:15. After asking her neighbor, we learned it meant "not to be served after 12:15". She checked the time (11:58) and happily handed it over.

Broke my bum bag.

Uninteresting freeway riding to Mittagong. Hasseled by "kids" (6'2" kids), so made a quick exit. Got lost on bike path/route out of town. Manhandled bike over old rail line to get back to highway.

Fast downhill riding on terrible rough surface with occasional cyclist killer angled (and camouflaged) speed humps. Not hard, but not much fun either.

On the train to Sydney. 1st hurdle was my checked luggage was returned to
me because it did not meet with their "luggage policy". I had to lug both
bags onto the train.

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